6 Best Riding Lawn Mowers Of 2021

Small riding lawn mowers are a good investment that you’ll be happy with. We’ve found these exceptional options that meet a variety of needs and budgets. The Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series hydrostatic gas front-engine riding mower offers impressive performance at an affordable price. An 18 HP Kohler OHV engine packs plenty of muscle, while a 42-inch cutting deck and 16-inch turn radius offer precise, efficient cutting performance.

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How Green Are Electric Lawn Mowers?.

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I purchased a Ryobi 75AH ZTR, it mows quite nicely as long as your yard is smooth. Otherwise this is the roughest riding thing I have ever had the misfortune to sit on; after an hour on this my back/kidneys would hurt for two days. There is not one made for Ryobi but with the help of several hose clamps I installed it – – this made a huge difference. The installed blades are very thin and weak; hitting anything larger than a pine cone may bend them so I am adapting conventional blades to fit. I really like the idea of electric but new things usually come with problems.

Q: What Is A Riding Lawn Mower?

Since a reliable, high-quality lawn tractor can cost up to $3,000, it’s important to make sure that the model you’re planning to invest in is up to the job. One smart way to ensure this is to stick to one of the best brands making riding mowers today. By purchasing a mower designed by one of these reputable brands, you can expect dependability, high performance, power, and quality results. Some of the best brands out there today are Poulan, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna.

11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Power Built 4-Cycle OHV Engine provides an excellent size-to-power ratio. The Snapper Classic is the smallest riding mower on our list however its utilitarian build and simple nature could be the best choice for the average homeowner. When selecting your riding mower, you’ll need to compare the following features to find the model that’s best for your property.

The Six Best 30 Inch Riding Lawn Mowers

The solution when it comes to efficient lawn care comes from a small riding lawn mower. Owning a beautiful yard must be what you have been dreaming of to look for this equipment. Hope our information can help you figure out which electric riding lawn mower can ride you to a more stunning lawn. Not only worrying about flame and accidentally burning, but also sulfur dioxide, a byproduct of burning gas, could affect the plants in your garden directly.

  • The fabricated deck is 4 1/2″ deep and made of 10-gauge steel.
  • The cutting deck is crafted from 11-gauge steel and offers an ergonomically designed, the deck-lifting system for quick adjustments of the 54-inch blade.
  • They trap the grass between the blades and slice it off, with action not dissimilar to scissors.
  • I went to use it and straight out of the box the battery is flashing red.
  • Speaking of cordless electric tools, all sorts of implements like leaf blowers and string trimmers are going electric and cutting the cord at the same time.
  • The prices of same-model lawn tractors can vary a lot from one store to another.
  • Small riding lawn mowers are easy to operate for both beginner and lawn care experts.
  • There are several types of riding mowers to choose from, including lawn tractors, which can be used for many tasks, and zero-turn mowers, which often have larger decks and can turn on a dime.
  • Zero-turn-radius mowers often come with great time savings, but at somewhat steepupfront costs.
  • When compared to the long list of options on the market, the 12 mowers below ranked the best in the areas of performance, value and ease of use.
  • These are the most common types of walk-along mower you will find.

It also has a unique ReadyStart system that allows you to start the mower without choking – this is a good feature to have if you want a reliable mower that will start every time. Others come with snowblower attachments, seed spreaders, garden carts, or even aerators. Having these attachments built into your mower can save you some money. To make life a lot easier, get a unit with power steering and a power deck lift.

This system provides for the mower to keep their hands on the wheels while adding another level of safety. The 61-inch frame can cut mowing time in half and goes up hills with no problem. The mower comes with a high-back seat, armrests, and vibration management for comfort. A lawn tractor is not a cheap expense, and before spending thousands of dollars on one of these pieces of equipment, you need to know what brands are worth it and which ones are less desirable.

You should always leave the battery on the charger the full time to equalize the charge in all the batteries . As a result, you’ll get an uneven cut that leaves your lawn looking shabby. If you don’t sharpen your blades at the start of the growing season, then you can expect the efficiency of the machine to drop throughout the season. However, manual machines are a firm favorite for cost-conscious gardeners, and they are easy to maintain and cheap to repair.

This machine boasts the 724cc engine and the EZT dual hydrostatic transmission system, which ensures all the power you may need. It also features a more than generous 50-inch cutting deck, the zero-turn technology, and a self-cleaning washing deck. If you like lap bar controls and super-easy maneuverability, then this version of the Mustang XP series is the most user-friendly and comfortable option you can currently find.


If the seat isn’t comfortable or doesn’t have enough adjustments, or the pedal locations don’t fit your build, you’ll hate the machine. When it comes time to shop, don’t assume big-box store clerks don’t know their stuff. They’re often very knowledgeable about the features of the models they carry. And prices at big-box stores are often the lowest, especially when they have a sale. If you have a truck and don’t mind hauling the unit home and assembling it yourself, you can save money by buying at a large retailer. Lever-operated transmission means taking your hand off the wheel to adjust speed.

With this mower, you’ll be able to navigate easily around your yard due to its smaller cutting deck and compact size. You can also mow your lawn with ease due to the comfortable mid-back seat and won’t have any trouble maneuvering thanks for the 18-inch turning radius. Best of all, this riding lawn mower is made with high-quality materials to last for a considerable period of time. There are also five adjustable settings on this riding lawn mower along with an 18-inch turning radius. You can easily check the fuel tank capacity through the fuel sight window, and the 5-height adjustable blade with manual power take-off makes blade engagement incredibly quick and swift. You’ve also able to raise your seat to mid-back and the steering wheel is a soft grip wheel for added comfort.

rear engine riding mower comparison

A cup holder is a perfect place to keep a cool drink on hand while you are working. The beauty of manual transmission is that it offers you a range of set speeds you can select and gives you more control over the movement of the mower. Look for mowers that let you shift up or down without having to stop or use a clutch.

If you live in colder climates prone to heavy snow, this seasonal attachment may just have you jumping for joy. Snowblower implements attach to the front of your tractor rather than the back and spits snow out of your way as you go. Elite snowblower units can remove up to 18 inches of snow with ease.

rear engine riding mower comparison

I found the trimming and mowing tools to be great, with the blades providing great consistency to the cutting process. Uneven patches and undulations were dealt with beautifully, no complaints here. Maximum speed is 13 km/h when the blades are not engaged, 8 km/h if the blades are employed, and 3 km/h if in reverse. finder.com is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.

The cutting deck size is the width of a strip of grass that will be cut during each pass with your riding mower. The cutting deck size is measured in inches and can range anywhere from 28 inches to 52 inches on a riding lawn mower. Knowing the cutting deck size your lawn needs is imperative to buying the right mower for your home. If you only have a few acres to mow, it might not make sense for you to purchase a large hulk of a riding lawn mower. But if you’re looking for the perfect compromise between your old-fashioned push mower and a larger lawn tractor, this small riding lawn mower is a good choice.

rear engine riding mower comparison

With a reinforcer 54” cutting deck, this small riding lawn mower cuts one of the widest swaths of grass you’ll see. Zero-turn riding mowers are more expensive, starting at around $2,500. They have rear-mounted engines as powerful as those found on lawn tractors and cutting decks that are similarly wide. Guided with a two-lever steering unit, their rear wheels can spin forward and backward independently, allowing the mower to turn 360 degrees “on a dime” and maneuver close to obstacles. They’re best suited for lawns of up to two acres with a lot of trees and landscaping or tighter, fenced corners.

Most offer the ability to use a variety of accessories that will allow your machine to do much more than mow the lawn. Husqvarna and Poulan design their models with industry-leading Briggs & Stratton engines, while Cub Cadet’s models tend to rely on the ample rear engine riding mower comparison power supplied by dependable Kohler engines. This power allows you to easily tackle any yard in no time, delivering impressively precise results. And with versatility and ease-of-use in mind, you can’t go wrong buying a mower from one of these brands.

rear engine riding mower comparison

Next on the electric riding mower reviews is a product from Toro. For those with big yards and need a powerful lawn mower that will meet your expectations, the Toro Titan zero turn electric riding lawn mower is your best friend. This Cub Cadet electric riding lawn tractor has a twin blade cutting deck with the width of 42 inches. The tractor would be suitable for mowing a 2 acres yard and requires one charge only, meaning you don’t need to worry about recharging while using it for your lawn. In addition to those types, which we will explore, you want to consider the size of your lawn, which will determine the most appropriate cutting deck for you.

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